[Ina] Software Documentation

This is the official documentation of the Ina video synthesis and mapping sofware. It is a free standalone software and tool that was developed to merge some features and tools that were found in other video softwares for a personal and/or commercial use. Combining synthesis, drawing, and video mapping in one tool. All of the features will be explained here and further development will be documented as well. Test



  • VSynth
    Package of Analog Video Synthesis Emulation for MaxMSP
  • Lumen
    Video Synthesis MacOS Standalone Software
    Main MaxMSP Video Synthesis Package
  • Synesthesia
    VJ tool for Visual Art Performance
    A similar approach dedicated to Audio Synthesis
  • MapMap
    An Open Source Projection Mapping Software
  • VPT8
    Video Mapping and DMX tool for MaxMSP